March 19, 2007 12:00 PM


If you grew up questioning authority, it can be tough bowing to the dictates of the inevitable—your own mortality. In Leap!, Sara Davidson, whose 1977 book Loose Change became a baby boomer touchstone, seeks wisdom on getting older joyfully. Some things she learned:

WALK DOWN THE LADDER GRACEFULLY Carly Simon told me she’s trying to do that. She also said that when she couldn’t get a recording contract, she started making music just to please herself—it was the only star she could follow.

BE OK WITH YOUR BODY Jane Fonda said the most revolutionary thing you can do as your body ages is say, “Here I am. Deal with it.”

ON THE OTHER HAND … Thomas Moore, who wrote Care of the Soul, says it’s all about attitude. If you’re getting cosmetic work done to deny aging, it’s not good, but if it’s to maintain beauty and a youthful heart, it’s fine.

SEEK ENLIGHTENMENT … BUT DON’T SLEEP WITH YOUR GURU Ask Cheryl Tiegs, whose fourth husband was a yoga instructor. A monk told me many spiritual teachers commit themselves to that life because they can’t handle intimacy.

ENJOY THE RIDE Boomers are trying to figure out what to do with this extra 30 years of life. I want to help change how we view it, so it’s not terrifying but something you can even look forward to.