Real Food

Formerly director of New York City’s Greenmarket, Nina Planck has written a book championing back-to-basics farm faves (lard?) as health- and happiness-boosters.

WHAT IS REAL FOOD? Grass-fed beef, eggs and fish, raw milk—foods we’ve been eating for thousands of years. It’s the opposite of industrial food that’s been processed and lost nutrition and flavor—low-fat dairy products, margarine, white sugar.

HOW DID WE GET AWAY FROM THE REAL STUFF? We’ve applied industrial methods to what we eat; animals are given hormones and antibiotics; new fats have been invented. Plants are bred to be cosmetically perfect, not flavorful.

HOW IS IT HEALTHIER? Lard is mostly unsaturated fat. Raw milk isn’t heated, so the vitamins are intact. Produce grown locally and in season is rich in vitamins.

YOUR FAVE REAL FOOD? Dark chocolate. It has tons of antioxidants and it’s full of stuff that makes you cheerful.