February 07, 2005 12:00 PM

The Male Biological Clock

Only women need to worry about fertility as they age, right? Wrong, says Columbia University urologist Dr. Harry Fisch, 46, whose new (and controversial) book is intended as a wake-up call to men.

Should men worry as much as woman? It’s a different type of clock—it doesn’t hit midnight at a specific point like a woman’s—but as a rule it’s really speeding up once a guy hits his mid-30s.

What changes do men undergo? Male hormone levels drop, and so does the quality of sperm. In about 40 percent of couples struggling with fertility issues, the problem is solely the man’s.

You say if the mother is over 35, the older the father, the higher the chance of Down syndrome. Your critics say your finding have yet to be proved. I’m looking at research that’s new and revolutionary. A very lucrative industry has been built around women’s infertility. It’s time to look at this problem in its entirety.

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