By Sue Corbett JONATHAN DURBIN Vickie Bane Jennifer Wren
October 01, 2007 12:00 PM

• Why did author Pablo F. Fenjves agree to write O.J. Simpson’s just-published hypothetical confession book If I Did It? He explains.

WHAT MADE YOU SIGN ON? It was compelling—the opportunity to sit in a room with a man I believed to be a murderer. I had a prior connection—I shared a back alley with Nicole Simpson. The night of the murders, I heard her dog wail. The prosecution used that to try to establish a timeline.

WHAT WAS O.J. LIKE? There’s a side of him that’s incredibly charismatic. When I told him, “I thought you were guilty then, and I still think you’re guilty,” he exploded; then he thanked me for being honest.

WERE YOU WORRIED HE MIGHT PROFIT FROM THIS? I was assured the money was going to his children; now it goes to the Goldman family.


IS THIS BOOK A CONFESSION? He didn’t say, “Yeah, man, I killed them,” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty.