December 10, 2007 12:00 PM

• French psychoanalyst Pierre Bayard’s tongue-in-cheek guide could make book club meetings a whole lot easier. But when it comes to faking it, some stars are already pros:

TIM GUNN Have I ever pretended I’ve read a book? Oh, lots. James Joyce’s Ulysses? There were a number of books in college where I thought, I can’t really read this.

BRITTANY SNOW For a long time everyone was like, “The Da Vinci Code!” and I was like, “I know, isn’t it crazy?” But I hadn’t read it. I’m admitting to everyone right now: I never did.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE In school I used to do it all the time. I’d read the first 10 pages, get bored, then skip whole chunks. I would tell my mom I read it. I don’t think I read a full book until 7th grade.

CORBIN BLEU I said I read The Count of Monte Cristo, but I rented the movie. It went great—I got an A. But that’s a terrible message to put out to kids…. Don’t do it! You will fail!

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