In a new book, playground player Alec Greven, 9, shares his wisdom on charming the opposite sex.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN EXPERT? I’ve observed at recess. Let’s say a boy was trying to conquer his fear and say hi to a girl he liked. I’d play a game nearby, then peek over and listen.

WHAT WORKS WITH GIRLS? Talk to her. Control your hyperness, and don’t wear sweats. Also you always want to be the smartest in the class, not the class clown.

HAVE YOU HAD CRUSHES? When I was 3. But I haven’t really found the right girl. I’m good at avoiding the tractor beam.

THE TRACTOR BEAM? When you see a pretty girl, don’t let her tractor beam pull you in. Your brain turns to mush. You start saying stupid things like, “Hey, y’all.”

SO AVOID PRETTY GIRLS? If all they care about is their looks. They’re going to sit around and play hairstyles or something.

WHAT DO OTHER KIDS THINK OF THE ADVICE IN YOUR BOOK? Some have come up to me and said, “It worked!”

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