March 10, 1986 12:00 PM

by Leo Buscaglia

The high priest of hugging is back again with what seem to be random thoughts more or less converging on the notion of living happily ever after. He tells how much he likes garlic, his cat Cocktail and the fall (“there’s a wonderful nip in the air”). He notes that he has seldom seen a garden without zucchini in it—”perhaps it’s because they are so easy to grow and they’re so hardy.” He decides that “the pursuit of happiness is perhaps our most basic drive. It is even mentioned in the Constitution.” The title under which all of this wisdom is crammed came to Buscaglia at a bus station in Australia. There must be other routes to Paradise. Try the A train, a streetcar named Desire, the taxi that hurried, a surrey with fringe on top—anything. Even a slow boat to China would be better than this. (Slack, $16.95)

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