March 06, 1978 12:00 PM

Folks who remember BB at the peak of his career—when he strutted around Warner Bros, cartoons singing As Time Goes By and befuddling Elmer Fudd—may be a little disillusioned by these two related troupes of live performers, Bugs Bunny Meets the Super-Heroes and The Bugs Bunny Follies. The Heroes cast acts out confrontations between Bugs and Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, along with his usual adversaries and pals like Daffy Duck and Road Runner. It’s a musical revue that is inexpensively but professionally staged, and there is a Las Vegas showgirl scene to pacify restless dads in the audience. The Heroes troupe is in Johnstown, Pa. and Pittsburgh this week, moving later to Youngstown, Ohio, Cincinnati and other points east of the Mississippi. Meanwhile the Follies company, which is crisscrossing the L.A. area this month, seems to lumber along with less of Bugs’ famous old get-up-and-hop. The emcee’s narration is treacly, and props are strewn randomly about. The show runs two hours on both tours—at $3 to $5 a ticket, depending on the site—and there is an intermission long enough for the kiddies to trot out and clamor after the tie-in merchandise on sale in the lobby. Warner Bros, ought to be ashamed; the Disney people would never let their characters be used in such a poorly conceived pastiche.

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