October 05, 1987 12:00 PM

The Dead Milkmen

Okay, wise guys and punks. It’s time for a really obnoxious, drunken party to celebrate the latest spill from the guys who specialize in loud, fast, dumb music. Some people predicted that the Milkmen would never outlast the novelty of their intentionally offensive 1983 single Takin’ Retards to the Zoo, yet this Philadelphia quartet just won’t go away. On past albums the group yelled out their opinions on such disparate topics as filet of sole and right-wingers. Bucky Fellini, their third album, shows them in fine—though definitely not refined—form with a whole new batch of strange ideas. Going To Graceland is an anti-tribute to Elvis Presley: “When my time comes that’s how I want to go/ Stoned and fat and wealthy and sitting on the bowl.” In (Theme From) Blood Orgy of the Atomic Fern, lead singer Rodney Anonymous renders a poetry reading that ends with the scream “God, I hate poetry!” Joe Jack Talcum, of miserable but lovable voice, steps up to the microphone for Watching Scotty Die, an anti-toxic-waste song: “One day our dog went out to play/ Instead of gray he came back colored yellow/ The chemical men said ‘Stay mellow, it happens all the time’/ Now Scotty’s skin is lime.” Actually, the Dead Milkmen aren’t as stupid as they’d like to be. Now they sound as if they might know how to play their guitars, and they produce some on-tar-get commentary such as Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance to Anything), a list of insults aimed at the nightclub crowd. Whines Anonymous: “You’ll dance to any bunch of stupid Europeans who come over with their big hairdos and plan on taking our money instead of giving your cash where it belongs—to a decent American artist like myself.” Cheer up, Rodney. Your audience just hangs out in bars and parking lots instead of dance clubs. (Enigma)

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