By People Staff
Updated January 22, 1979 12:00 PM

The Blues Brothers

Since their charade is not funny or satirical, only tedious, it is baffling why the gifted Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi insist on pursuing it. As a onetime skit on Saturday Night Live, their portrayal of an intense blues duo was amusing. Subsequently, however, long (and tiresome) life stories have been fabricated for the “brothers.” Aykroyd and Belushi even insist on posing for pictures and being interviewed in their pseudo identities. Musically, the album is like a “Music Minus One” record with two parts missing: There’s a first-class studio band behind them (saxophonist Tom Scott should be embarrassed about being involved in this), but Aykroyd’s harmonica style has a learn-to-play-in-30-minutes quality, and Belushi’s singing, apparently meant to be taken seriously, is woefully bad. This self-indulgent album is an insult to serious blues musicians.