By People Staff
August 30, 2004 12:00 PM

The Rubberband Man

WHO IS HE? Eddie Steeples, 30, the loose-limbed office supply guy who bops along to the 1970’s Spinners hit “Rubberband Man” in the catchy OfficeMax commercials.

HOW HE WAS CAST At the 2003 audition, “I tried to be like Kevin Bacon in Footloose,” says Steeples. Later, “I put on a shirt and tie and the character just came out.”

IS THE HAIR REAL? Yes, the ‘fro is his, but producers suggested the off-kilter part. “I like it because it’s not a hairstyle I normally wear,” says Steeples. “It helps form the character.”


Steeples, who previously appeared in a bit part in the movie Torque, hopes to turn his new fame—OfficeMax says they’ve received hundreds of fan e-mails-into an acting career. “It’s good for the moment as long as a few years down the road they’re not stiff calling me Rubberband Man,” he says. In the meantime, “the ladies like it.”