August 13, 1984 12:00 PM

Elton John

It’s fitting that this splendid pop rock album represents a milestone: the 25th LP of John’s career. It certainly is something to celebrate. The second LP John has recorded since he joined again with composing partner Bernie Taupin, its highlight is the irresistible Sad Songs (Say So Much). That may not be the most profound tune of all time, but it certainly is just about impossible to avoid singing along with it. John and Taupin are slick, commercial and glib, sure; but their melodies are melodious (that’s not as obvious as it sounds) and their lyrics are sly and literate. On Slow Down Georgie (She’s Poison), for instance, John sings “My hands are tied and I can only try/To talk you out of a fall/’Cause the reputation of the woman you’re dating’s/About as nasty as the Berlin Wall.” And the title tune includes these lines: “And now I know what lonely means/I used to give so little and gain everything/The darkest part of every day/Is the shadow of another girl as she turns and walks away.” However tumultuous his personal life gets—and that can be pretty tumultuous—John remains an amazingly consistent, satisfying entertainer. (Geffen)

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