September 10, 1979 12:00 PM

by Anna Kashfi Brando and E.P. Stein

“Marlon’s sexual tutti-frutti comprise several shadier flavors…I had heard tales of his consorting with ducks, attending exhibitionist orgies, joining the Club Necrophilia (wherein bodies of deceased celebrities are rented out) and consulting a ‘proctolist’ (a ‘rectum-reader’ whose soothsaying derives from anal creases).” Hell hath no fury, etc., and no author is as predictably scornful as an ex-wife trying to describe how a poor little innocent was almost destroyed by a movie star. (Kashfi was Mrs. Brando from 1957 to 1959.) When Marlon was angry that their son had been circumcised, she explains: “Marlon considered the loss of the foreskin to be a loss in priapic stature—a psychological fear based on his own undistinguished pudendum.” She also quotes dozens of mean things that film critics have written about him, while granting that it was “Marlon who lifted the skirts of the cinema and showed us the guts.” Brando, always fascinating onscreen, has had his share of fiascoes off it. His choice of wives and sex partners has, from the evidence in this sorry book, caused a lot of them. (Crown, $10)

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