July 18, 1988 12:00 PM

An attractive woman (Emmanuelle Chaulet) newly settled in a modern urban development near Paris finds herself lonely. Her girlfriend, brightly played by Sophie Renoir, has a lover (Eric Viellard) and effortlessly attracts the ladies’ man (Francois-Eric Gendron) that Chaulet wants to bed. What to do? Chaulet tries to model herself after Renoir. She fails. Only when Chaulet relaxes enough to be herself does she win a man. Unfortunately, it turns out to be her girlfriend’s boyfriend. By then, Renoir has run off with Gendron. To each woman’s credit, both develop a conscience. That’s it: Pretty people, attractive settings and talk, talk, talk. But in the hands of French writer-director Eric (Summer) Rohmer, what seems achingly ordinary becomes a scintillating summer surprise—a tart and tasty comedy of manners. Also that rarity: a film about singles who think as well as feel. (In French, with subtitles) (PG)

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