November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

Cooper & Ross

Let’s face it, folks: Steve and Eydie can’t go on forever. So the mainstream pop music world could use another man-woman vocal team, and it could do worse than Cathy Cooper and Jimmie Ross, both from Aliquippa, Pa. Cooper is a former stewardess with an untrained voice, and Ross’ biggest credit is as a member of the Jaggerz, who had the 1970 hit The Rapper. She, however, has a real sweetness to her voice that plays off nicely against his rougher sound. This album is, alas, an object lesson in bad mixing; the rhythm section seems to be drowning out the singers half the time. They fight through on occasions, though, especially on their own lively tune Bottom Line, the Bacharach-David standard Anyone Who Had a Heart, and the Mark Avsec song Only the Lonely.

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