October 01, 1979 12:00 PM

Randy Newman

Don’t be frightened, fans; Randy hasn’t gotten religion, unless it’s iconoclasm. The title seems to relate, in fact, to the lyrics of one typically outrageous song: “Used to worry about the black man/Now I don’t worry about the black man/Used to worry about the starving children of India/You know what I say now about the starving children of India?/I say, ‘Oh, Mama,’ It’s money that I love.” Most of Newman’s targets in this album, though, are his fellow musicians. There are Pants (“Gonna take off my pants” is the main lyric); The Story of a Rock and Roll Band (a spoof of the Electric Light Orchestra); and Pretty Boy (a savage shot at John Travolta). While Newman often barely manages to cover up the monotony of his melodies with varied arrangements, on It’s Money That I Love he succeeds on all counts. Aficionados will also find him killing skillfully on Born Again.

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