By People Staff
January 21, 2002 12:00 PM

Yoko Ono (Capitol)

Long before Björk donned her first kimono and began studying for her Ph.D in eccentricity, Yoko Ono had done pioneering work in the field. Ono’s atonal caterwauling against a backdrop of electronica—suggesting Radiohead as sung by Jar Jar Binks—is no longer shocking enough to raise a pierced eyebrow at the average rave.

Ono’s musical ideas—clanging tones, feminist chants, the occasional ear-rattling shriek—remain an acquired taste, and record sales over the years suggest that so far it’s a taste acquired by few outside her immediate family. Sean Lennon, her 26-year-old son, chips in with some promising guitar licks, but they tend to get buried among the doom-laden heartbeats, the silly panting and an apparent episode of dry gargling. Bless her for trying, even writing a song called “It’s Time for Action!” No, it’s time for aspirin.

Bottom Line: Imagine there’s no melody