June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Pajama Slave Dancers

Texas Chain Letter Massacre, Surfin’ Sex Machine, Defreeze Walt Disney, Crustacean Vacation: These song titles tell a lot about the third album by the Pajama Slave Dancers. And what they tell isn’t that PSD is out to challenge U2 for the title of Most Serious Rock Band. While reveling in dirty jokes and childish lyrics, though, the Boston quintet creates some enticing song spoofs in styles that range from pseudo Beach Boys to lightning-speed hard-core guitar bashing and screaming. Farm Rap, including a dance version of Old MacDonald, applies an urban beat to the worries of a rural airhead. Fast Cars, Girls in Bikinis takes surf lyrics into new shallows. I Want to Make Love to you combines a totally tasteless chorus with enough clichés to fill out five Led Zeppelin albums: “I climb the misty mountain to the shadow of your love/ The unicorn of happiness is dancing with the dove.” Sometimes the Dancers’ junior-high humor lacks anything in the way of redeeming social value (as in Homo Truck Driving Man), but every once in a while they hit their target with hilarious acuity. Train Wreck on Prom Night sends up Teen Angel by telling the tragic tale of Davey and Bette, who decide to take a train to the prom in order to avoid auto accidents. The train, unfortunately, is hit by a plane, leaving Davey to wipe the blood from his carnation and lament, “I think she’d be alive today if only we had walked.” Perfect music for a twisted Pajama party. (Restless)

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