By Tom Gliatto Melody Chiu
May 26, 2014 12:00 PM



You’re known to be quite the prankster on NBC’s The Voice. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

As a teen, me and my friend found a dead deer off the side of the road. We put it in the back of my truck, brought it to my high school and put it in a guy’s front seat. We even tied the hooves onto his steering wheel. It was really not a cool thing to do.

Your wife, Miranda Lambert, has three cats, but you’ve said you are not a cat person.

Because they’re sneaky! I don’t think they like me any more than I like them. To be fair, if they could tweet, I’m sure they would say something bad about me.

You just celebrated three years of marriage on May 14. What’s your ideal day together?

We have fun when we’re together at home. Miranda’s really gotten into horseback riding. She’s into English-style riding now. She loves that. I still love farming and gardening and things like that in the summertime.

Typical weekend plans with the Mrs.? “Barbecuing is a big deal for us,” says Shelton, 37, who also stars in an ad for Pizza Hut’s new barbecue pizzas.