By Tom Gliatto Melody Chiu
May 26, 2014 12:00 PM

>Kelly Reilly

The award-winning British actress hops the pond to star in her first American TV show

Your character Catherine is a neurologist who’s hiding her bipolar disorder. Sounds like a tough balancing act.

She’s separated into different parts of herself. It’s certainly not the easiest role I’ve played, but I’m drawn to that.

Did you like science in school?

Actually no, I couldn’t have been less interested! I couldn’t sit still long enough. Wish I could go back now.

You had a lengthy career in Europe before coming stateside, with projects like Flight and Heaven Is for Real. What’s the difference?

America does drama so well, like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. But English humor is the biggest thing that I miss. It has a very specific dryness and wit. And it’s a bit more depressing.