February 21, 1994 12:00 PM

Billy Pilgrim

It makes sense that singers Andrew Hyra and Kristian Bush would call their two-man band Billy Pilgrim, after Kurt Vonnegut’s time-traveling protagonist in the classic Slaughterhouse Five. With a pop-folk feel straight out of the ’70s, Billy Pilgrim’s first album recalls a lime when seamless harmonies, infectious melodies and nimble acoustic-guitar playing were ample currency for any band.

Gender notwithstanding, this pair is the spitting aural image of the Indigo Girls and the latest chips off the neo-folk block that produced Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman and Shawn Colvin. While those female folkies pen lyrics about the foibles of relationships, Hyra and Bush offer the male perspective with catchy hooks certain to reel in a catch of new fans. (Atlantic)

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