By People Staff
April 17, 2000 12:00 PM

by Delia Ephron

Lily Davis already fears that her divorce has done irreparable damage to her teenage son Sam. So when she finds a knife hidden in Sam’s underwear drawer one day, she acts quickly, trading the mean streets of New York, the city she loves, for clean country living. What happens next? Surprise! Leafy Sakonnet Bay, the pair’s new home, turns out to be at least as dangerous for Sam—and for Lily—as any urban landscape.

In hands less skilled than those of author and screenwriter Ephron (You’ve Got Mail), that plotline might make for ho-hum storytelling, but Big City Eyes is a wry, wacky page-turner. Sam falls for the androgynous Deidre, an oddball who prefers Star Trek’s Klingon language to English. Lily lands a writing job at the local paper, stumbles across a murder mystery and has a fling with a married cop. Along the way, she and Sam decide the city is where they belong. “Hordes of people, and not a single one making eye contact,” Lily recalls longingly. “What an undervalued asset.” Ephron’s talents should not be. (Putnam, $23.95)

Bottom Line: The Eyes have it