By Leah Rozen Rennie Dyball Lesley Messer
March 19, 2007 12:00 PM

Hugh Dancy, John Hurt, Clare-Hope Ashitey


Part of the power of 2004’s Hotel Rwanda was that it viewed the story of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda through the eyes of its citizens. While still moving, having a wet-behind-the-ears Englishman (Dancy) at the center of this drama set during the same period somewhat lessens its impact. As a teacher who joins forces with a British priest (Hurt) to try and save members of the Tutsi tribe from the machetes of rampaging rival Hutus, Dancy is an outsider at least partially protected by his skin color and passport. He may be in hell, but he’s just a tourist. (Gates was shot in real-life locations.) (R)