By People Staff
April 01, 1996 12:00 PM

Bryan White

With twentysomethings like Tracy Lawrence, Faith Hill and Bryan White currently competing for precious chart space, country is finding a new fountain of youth. And White, who in 1994 released his debut album, which went gold, has quite a photogenic head on his broad shoulders: The toothsome 22-year-old regularly finds his mug in the pages of teen mags like Tiger Beat and 16, while his live shows leave young ladies swooning in the aisles.

Yet for all his baby-face appeal, White is really nothing new. On this sophomore set, his virtually twang-free tenor should sound familiar to any Vince Gill fan. And one can find immaculately produced sap like the title ballad, and slick raveups like “Sitting on Go” on just about every Top 20 country disc. Aside from turning in a haunting vocal on “Still Life” that’s soulful way beyond his years, White offers perfectly average pleasures. Between Now and Forever isn’t a hard listen. It’s just too damn easy to forget. (Asylum)