October 25, 1982 12:00 PM

by Philip Garner

The beauty of this compilation of screwball inventions is that it’s never quite clear whether Garner, a sometime contributor to Esquire and Rolling Stone, is serious. Maybe, for instance, he really has invented a wood-grained auto finish with matching men’s and women’s clothing. Or an out-door birdbath with Jacuzzi. Or men’s and women’s dance instruction shoes—joined at the toe. Or a straw with pump attached for the “thick malt aficionado.” Models of all these gizmos exist, at least: Photographs of them are in the book. The only fault to be found with the little volume is that it doesn’t tell what sizes the man’s off-the-shoulder dress shirt comes in. Garner, 36, was born in Naperville, Ill.; these days he lives—as if you couldn’t guess—in Hollywood. (Delilah, $6.95)

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