By People Staff
December 24, 2001 12:00 PM

Joe (Jive)

Joe, a smooth R&B bedroom balladeer, writes and sings so many songs about takin’ it off and gettin’ it on that it’s enough to make his Pentecostal minister parents blush. Joe lacks vocal range—his dial is permanently set on “croon”—but he makes up for his limits with polished material on such hypnotic jams as “What If a Woman,” which flips the script on players with the question, “What if a woman had a man on the side and never spent time with you?” Joe keeps the come-ons coming throughout, shifting gears occasionally to up-tempo fluff. He opens and closes with slow and dance versions of “Let’s Stay Home Tonight,” a song to go with those smoked oysters and a bottle of Cristal (“I am just going to love you baby all night long/ I want to rub your back and kiss your feet romantically”). Is there a way to do that unromantically?

Bottom Line: The sultan of suave