By People Staff
Updated March 05, 1984 12:00 PM

For a funky, soulful crowd, try a medley of Give It to Me Baby, by Rick James (1981); Get Tough, by Kleer (1981); Head, by Prince (1980); Shattered, by the Rolling Stones (1978); There’s Something Wrong in Paradise, by Kid Creole and the Coconuts (1983); Peg, by Steely Dan (1977); and Say It Isn’t So, by Hall and Oates (1983). Just to let the good times roll, go with Tight Turn, by the Raybeats (1981); Music Goes Round and Round, by NRBQ (1980); Tear-Stained Letter, by Richard Thompson (1983); Sit-tin’ on Ready, by Billy Burnette (1980): You Ain’t Nothin’ but Fine, by Rockpile (1980); Bwana, by Lindsey Buckingham (1981); and Between You and Me, by Graham Parker (1976). New Wavers would like Whip It, by Devo (1980); I’m the Man, by Joe Jackson (1979); Two Swords, by the English Beat (1980); Pump It Up, by Elvis Costello (1978); Razor Blade Alley, by Madness (1979); Our Lips Are Sealed, by the Go-Gos (1981); and De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, by the Police (1980).