January 31, 2005 12:00 PM

A trove of new books promises to help self-improvers keep their New Year’s resolutions. High-profile offerings include:

BOB GREENE’S TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER This 12-week “boot camp” program from Oprah‘s fitness guru includes a workout blueprint for a range of fitness levels, along with eating rules (e.g., don’t skip breakfast) meant to help burn fat without dieting.

THE STEP DIET BOOK Perfect for battling creeping weight gain, the step diet focuses on regulating weight by counting steps (instead of fat grams or calories) and upping your daily mileage. The authors, two obesity researchers and a nutritionist, brook no excuses—a pedometer comes with the book.

KATHY KAEHLER’S CELEBRITY WORKOUTS Trainer to Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, Kaehler targets troublesome body parts with exercise routines that you can do almost anywhere. Bonuses: healthy recipes and celeb dish. (Michele Pfeiffer calorie-splurges on popcorn sprinkled with M&M’s.)

FILL UP TO SLIM DOWN Here’s a user-friendly plan that promises to help readers lose up to two pounds a week by revving the metabolism with six small meals a day. Meals are high in protein and complex carbs, and lots of boredom-busting recipes (French Toast Pockets) are included.

THE THIN COMMANDMENTS DIET A spinoff of his bestseller Thin Tastes Better, this somewhat strident work by diet czar Stephen Gullo, Ph.D, reviews his mantras (“strategy is stronger than willpower”) and offers an eating plan highlighting slim versions of fat-packed faves, including Better Than Deli Tuna Salad.

LIVING THE G.I. DIET Rick Gallop follows his own bestseller (The G.I. Diet) with recipes high in fiber and low in glycemic rating (the speed at which carbohydrates are broken down and converted to glucose). Healthy, sure, but we’ll stop at just one of those “brownies” made with kidney beans.

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