Watching It’s a Wonderful Life is a holiday tradition for many, but for Karolyn Grimes, 68, who played Zuzu in the 1946 film, it’s a full-time job.

DID YOU KNOW HOW BIG THE FILM WOULD BE? It was a box office failure, so it was a shocker when it started becoming popular after it became public domain in the ’70s. In the ’80s I did a couple of interviews and started getting fan mail. I about fell over dead!

WHAT WAS JIMMY STEWART LIKE? He’s very tall—6’4″—but he was always so gentle. I blew a line once and I felt really bad. He said, “That’s all right! You’ll do it right the next time!” And I did. He gave me the confidence to get it right.

DID YOU WATCH THE FILM WITH YOUR KIDS LIKE SO MANY OTHER FAMILIES DO? No, I never did. I felt like if I watched the movies I was in, I’d be tooting my own horn, so I never did that. Now I do hundreds of appearances a year, so I watch it a lot!

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