By Leah RozenPaul Chi and Melody Wells
Updated November 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Voices by Jerry Seinfeld, Renée Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, Chris Rock | PG |


Unlike his legendary self-titled sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie is actually about something. There’s plot to spare in this computer-animated family comedy about Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld, who also cowrote the film), a busy worker bee who, having graduated from college, longs to see the world. He ventures to Manhattan, where he falls for Vanessa (Zellweger), a florist who’s human and about 200 times his size. Next, our winged hero discovers to his horror that humans are “stealing” honey from bees and goes to court to rectify this wrong. And there’s still another third of the movie to go!

Much of Bee is gently funny, the vocal performances are distinctive and the digital animation glistens, but in the end the characters and story lack—wait for it—sting. That said, Fred, my 7-year-old consultant on kids’ films and an ardent Seinfeld fan, loved it, saying, “It was like school—I learned law stuff—but it’s a great movie too.”