September 12, 1983 12:00 PM

Michael Brewer

Brewer was half of Brewer and Shipley, a popular duo of the early 70s. (Their biggest hit was One Joke Over the Line.) They split in 1980, when Tom Shipley decided to open a sporting goods store near his Ozark Mountain farm, and Brewer has been writing and doing backup singing since. This, his first solo album, is a mixed success. He is a wretched lyricist. In Hearts Overflowing, he writes, “Fill your cup/ Lift it up to hearts overflowing/ Drink to me/ And here’s to we in love evergrowing.” He is a singer of some sensitivity and nuance, though, and when he turns to material by other writers on this LP—Roger Cook’s Love’s Endless War or Dave Loggins’ Sunset Woman, for instance—he turns out first-rate pop music.

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