People Staff
September 12, 1977 12:00 PM

by Biorhythm

Imagine: “Don’t bother dressing, Yaz; you’re having a down day.” “Go to the bullpen, Tanana; you’re due for a bad week.” “Smalley, hit for Carew; you’re supposed to be on a high.” That might happen if big-league managers get turned on to biorhythm—the more or less medically accepted notion that people’s bodies and emotions go through predictable cycles. This kit grossly oversimplifies, however, assuming that everyone’s cycles are identical—the 11,731st day of everyone’s life looks like a real downer, for instance, while No. 15,337 is sheer ecstasy. Thus a random test shows Don Larsen was supposed to be in terrible shape the day when he did the best pitching of his, or anyone else’s, life, a World Series perfect game. And trying another sport, it shows that March 2, 1962 was slated to be an average day for Wilt Chamberlain—until he scored 100 points in a game that night. (Skor-Mor Products, $11.95)

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