By People Staff
April 19, 1999 12:00 PM

by Fred Albert

Doggie sweaters were just the beginning, obviously. This look at state-of-the-arf doghouses shows that while Rover may still prefer a nice cool hole under the porch, dog owners often have grander plans for man’s best friend.

In page after page of delightful color photos, it’s the detail that wags the dog. Just take a peek at the tiny monument that crowns the petiment—er, pediment—of Coco the Westie’s neoclassic “House of Coco.” Some of the doghouses are so ornate they could be cathouses, like the scarlet-and-gilt “Muttropolitan Opera House” that would seem to be just perfect for performances of Dog Giovanni or Corgi and Bess. A few of these experimental shelters later showed a lack of staying power, unfortunately, such as the dog-biscuit fortress that took to the elements the way a Milk-Bone takes to the water dish. The helpful index of designers at the back of the book is sure to unleash a pack of copy-dogs. (Abbeville, $24.95)

Bottom Line: Fetching photo collection will leave you panting for more