By People Staff
Updated November 20, 1989 12:00 PM


So, let’s see…”Overdrawn”? “Too little interest”? “No account”? “Negative balance”? “Insufficient funds”?

If only the music on this album offered as many possibilities as the name of the trio that made it.

“Bankstatement” is an extrapolation of the name of Tony Banks, the album’s co-producer and sole composer. Banks, like Tubalcain, the metal forger in the Bible, is a forgotten man of Genesis. In Banks’s case, though, it’s not Adam, Methuselah and Noah who overshadow him but Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford, his partners in the rock group named after the Old Testament’s first book.

This isn’t Banks’s first project outside Genesis, but it’s a lame album that at its best moments is only a dull reminder of early ’70s extravaganza pop rock. While Alistair Gordon, a Sad Café veteran who does most of the lead vocals, seems to be straining all the way down to his gizzard, his voice is still thin. When Jayney Klimek (an Other Ones alumna) takes the lead on three tunes, she has a gutsier sound, but she has to sing such Banks lines as “I need to believe like a house needs a roof and “If you ask me, then I can be your fearless fighter/ Your Joan of Arc.”

How unfortunate is all this? Bankstatement could give away a toaster and a set of knives and forks with every album and it would still be a bad bargain. (Atlantic)