By People Staff
June 10, 1996 12:00 PM

Doug Powell

At last somebody has come up with bubble gum that doesn’t lose its flavor. Powell’s solo debut is a tasty example of the kind of catchy, simple pop that had its heyday in the ’70s, and it sounds just as good on first listen as it does on the 10th. In a day when grunge still rules, Tin Men is a pleasant throwback.

Powell, who grew up in Oklahoma, seems to have been influenced by everyone from Todd Rundgren to the Partridge Family. Every one of the 10 tunes gives you. a jangly, feel-good melody massage. Add Powell’s Elvis Costello-like gift for wordplay (“I have never been a suspicious kind of man/ But when the world kissed my ring/ I cut off my hand”), and you’ve got a rising star to keep an eye, and ear, on. (Mercury)