June 29, 1987 12:00 PM


Another record as full of unrelenting bitterness as this one and the Mses. Wilson will have to rename their group Spleen. Among the lyrics from various songs on the album: “You found a new world and you want to taste it/ But that world can turn cold and you better face it”; “Bad animals—bad animals/ Got to push the grain or go insane”; “Broken glass, complete disaster/ There’s the girl that you were after”; “Easy target/ Hard to believe I’m so reckless and naive.” The tone of the music is equally edgy, with harsh, hard rock dominating. Not that every song has to be Happy Talk, of course, but a lot of this album seems devoted to grim reality for grim reality’s sake. One would think that Ann and Nancy Wilson and their three male bandsmen had spent the last two years being run over by buses instead of basking in the success of their previous LP, Heart. The hit single off this record, Alone, is probably the easiest to take, and part of its refrain is, “And now it chills me to the bone.” While the Wilsons are top-notch pop-rock singers and their band sounds charged up, this sort of music is really most likely to appeal to someone who’s in a bad mood and wants to make it worse. (Capitol)

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