By People Staff
March 21, 1983 12:00 PM

Peter Brown

Brown, a former painter, sculptor and student at the Art Institute of Chicago, had a minor hit with Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me? in 1978. He seems, though, to have survived his bout with disco fever to become a rhythm-and-blues singer of some taste and lyrical content. There are, it’s true, a number of post-disco dance tracks on this album, but they’re subdued, and Heaven in Your Eyes is an infectious, cheery model of the genre. Brown’s voice is essentially frail, and he is best suited to the Latinized sounds of Overnight Sensation or his surprising, pleasant ballad treatment of Shall We Dance?, the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune from The King and I. If his lyrics are not always inspired—”This time we could be winners/ It doesn’t matter that we’re just beginners,” in The Love Game—his approach is rhythmically slick and without wasted motion.