January 31, 1994 12:00 PM

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C +

Spun off from a middling sci-fi movie last spring, this project about a 23rd-century space station hasn’t made many changes in its transition to a series. The visual aspects—special effects and alien-species makeup—are excellent. But the stories falter.

The comic relief—embodied in Peter Jurasik and Stephen Furst as Centauri, a fan-haired race with Balkan accents—is trite. Bui the scripts are feeblest when they ape the philosophical tenor of the current Star Trek franchises. Babble on, space dudes.

It doesn’t help the show to have such a wooden presence al the helm. As Commander Sinclair, lead actor Michael O’Hare is like Lorne Greene under hypnosis. In fact, this colorful but cheesy satellite opera aspires to nothing greater than being a ’90s Battiestar Galactica.

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