By Patrick Gomez Tom Gliatto and Melody Chiu
Updated June 10, 2013 12:00 PM


You and your sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry were all child actors, but you seem so grounded. How’d you manage that?

There was a time I wasn’t acting, and that was by choice. I was like, I want to go to college; I’ll come back when I’m ready. It’s so important to have strong family around. I still have my core group of friends I grew up with who aren’t actors. If need be, they hit me right back down. You need that in life.

Now you’re on the second season of Baby Daddy. Are you and the cast close?

They’re all my new best friends. Everyone comes to me for everything. I’m like Dr. Phil. Chelsea Kane is like my sister, probably because we both grew up in this business.

Are you loving being an uncle to your sisters’ kids Cree and Aden?

It’s the most amazing thing ever. I love spoiling them.

Any plans to settle down yourself?

I definitely want a wife and a few kids, but not any time soon. There’s just something great about handing the babies off when you’re tired!