March 07, 1994 12:00 PM

Trying to sum up his memories of The Big Chill, Lawrence Kasdan’s comedy about the children of the ’60s bumping their heads against ’80s realities, Jeff Goldblum disregards the lingo of both decades. “It was… just ducky,” he says. And then some. The movie’s title became part of baby boomer vocabulary, the soundtrack put vintage Motown back on the charts, and Kevin Costner made his screen debut—as a corpse. It’s his character’s suicide that reunites a group of nostalgic thirtysomething college friends, including JoBeth Williams, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, William Hurt and Goldblum, as a PEOPLE reporter. The chill is on, but the old gang still parties—as did the cast. Says Meg Tilly, who played Costner’s young girlfriend: “I didn’t know how fun it was until I did a few more movies and found out, ‘Oh, not everyone does that!’ ”

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