April 01, 1991 12:00 PM

PBS (Sat., March 30, 9 P.M. ET)


If you want some good old-fashioned rock and roll, don’t miss this week’s hour-long ACL, when the attraction is a still-potent Little Feat. The reformed lineup, with Pure Prairie League’s Craig Fuller taking the place of the late Lowell George at the microphone, rips through a repertoire that takes in the old (“Fat Man”) as well as the new (“Texas Twister”).

The Feat’s greasy New Orleans-style musical gumbo is fueled by slide guitarist Paul Barrere, keyboardist Bill Payne and the most in-the-pocket rhythm section outside the Neville Brothers.

(If your appetite for pop music is whetted, be advised that Whitney Houston will again display her patriotic streak with a live concert for returning servicemen on Easter night-HBO, March 31.9 P.M. ET. That’s a tempting proposition because Whitney recently showed on Saturday Night Live that her skills as a performer are beginning to catch up with her vocal talent.)

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