and Liza Hamm
March 03, 2008 12:00 PM

The actress and singer, 37, who won her fourth Tony for Raisin in the Sun’s Broadway run, dishes on Diddy and getting back to Private Practice.

HOW WAS WORKING WITH SEAN COMBS? Sean never accepts no for an answer. If he wants something, he’ll work his tail off to get it. It kept me on my game.

HOW DID YOU KEEP BUSY DURING THE WRITERS’ STRIKE? I worked on an adaptation of Carmen, the opera. Hopefully, we will bring that to Broadway. And I spent as much time with my little girl [Zoe, 7] as I could.

DOES YOUR DAUGHTER SING TOO? She has a great voice. We sing our conversations. I’ll sing, “Go get ready for bed,” and she’ll sing, “You can’t make me.” It goes on and on.

DOES EVERYONE GET ALONG ON PRACTICE? They have the hardest time getting us to shut up and shoot a scene. We’re chitchatting [about] Barack Obama, chest hair and everything in between.

WHO’S THE CAST CLOWN? Taye Diggs! His biggest goal is to crack you up. I just know he was the one who got away with everything as a kid.

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