July 02, 1979 12:00 PM

Bob Dylan

The title of the 22-song live LP from a Japanese concert could have been The Tunes They Are A-Changin’. Only Dylan could pull it off. He has transformed most of his oldies, with only the lyrics intact in some cases. Blowin’ in the Wind is a drowsy but grabbing rock ballad with a low twangy guitar solo that recalls Duane Eddy. The arrangement on All I Really Want to Do sounds more like the Simon and Garfunkel hit 59th Street Bridge Song. Mr. Tambourine Man, with a flute replacing the lyrical electric guitar backing on the mid-’60s original, is a cheery pop-rocker that the Archies could have done. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right comes out as a mesmerizing reggae number. If you want nostalgia, stay away from this one. But whether it’s a measure of the man’s genius or merely a concession that he’s run out of material, this is a unique, unexpected restatement of some creations that weren’t badly stated the first time.

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