By People Staff
October 31, 1983 12:00 PM

Love Tractor

Conjuring up images of red earth and bluegrass, Love Tractor has plowed its way out of Athens, Ga. covered in refreshing folk-rock sounds—lyrical, jaunty and eminently danceable The quartet plays mainly instrumentals with occasional touches of floating vocal harmony. Bassist Armistead Wellford (who doubles on clarinet) adroitly punctuates the flowing rhythms. Drummer Kit Schwartz, since departed to attend film school in Sweden, propels the tunes with the momentum of a roll down a country hill. The entrancing acoustic banjo-guitar-piano work is refined yet relaxed, hinting of memorable Georgian days and nights. The highlight of the album is Mark Cline and Mike Richmond’s tune Spin Your Partner. This LP will make you want to go out and do just that. (If you can find it that is; it’s on the Atlanta-based DB Records, the original label of the Tractors’ fellow Athenians, the B-52s.)