April 17, 1989 12:00 PM


Apollonia, Prince’s fleshy co-star in Purple Rain, is dressed better and more fully on this, her debut solo album, than she was in that movie. That’s because a phalanx of producers has draped her in some lively, danceable musical accompaniments here. As a singer, well, what’s to say about the ex-leader of Apollonia 6? She shows up, hits the notes and projects an energetic, fully engaged persona. The fact is, though, that she sounds indistinguishable from 20 other contemporary dance queens now flouncing about the charts. So let’s praise the music, notably James Harrah’s hot-wired guitar on “Since I Fell for You” (not the old bluesy standard by Buddy Johnson), Jim Lang’s vibrant keyboard and synthesizer backing on “Synchronize,” or Bobby Sandstrom’s brisk arrangement of “Mismatch.” All in all, Apollonia is a palatable record for the footloose, even if the hostess gets outshone by the decorations at her own coming-out party. (Warner Bros.)

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