By People Staff
February 09, 1981 12:00 PM

It would take a pretty sharp moviegoer to detect any difference between this unpretentious sequel and the thoroughly delightful original, Every Which Way But Loose. Sure, Glen Campbell croons the title tune instead of Eddie Rabbitt, but apart from that the two screenplays are practically interchangeable. Clint Eastwood is the same easygoing fellow he was in Every Which Way, likably laconic but quick with his fists. Sondra Locke still can’t sing worth a darn, and Ruth Gordon still doesn’t look a day over 90. If Clyde, the other star, gets a little more screen time, that’s just dandy because he’s an eminently agreeable orangutan. Director Buddy Van Horn ties up all the loose ends from the 1978 work and stages a splendid bareknuckle brawl to conclude the action. It’s hardly a knockout, but it packs more punch than the usual sequel. (PG)