June 01, 1987 12:00 PM

Kim Wilde

Even her name strikes a false note. Ain’t nothin’ wild here, Oscar. Just tame, calculated, synthesizer-heavy ditties from this British pop kitten. Take the first American single (already a hit in the U.K.), a cover of the Supremes’ Holland-Dozier-Holland classic You Keep Me Hanging On. As produced by Kim’s brother Ricki, the remake is intended to be a hellish dance floor rake. Instead it sounds canned and halfhearted, as does most of this disposable pop smear of an album. Kim hasn’t got a bad voice. Then again, she isn’t going to make the world forget Olivia Newton-John. But even by Kim’s standards, Another Step is a letdown. Only the song The Thrill of It matches the perkiness of her previous records. She does, however, look real hot on her album photos. And those sultry and insinuating poses at least will make Another Step her best album to those pop fans—you know who you are—who think it’s better to look good than to sound good. (MCA)

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