By People Staff
Updated April 24, 1995 12:00 PM

Real McCoy

Dial a Cliché is more like it: Real McCoy’s Stateside debut could serve as a database for overused sound effects. Ring it up and hear dated vocoder-enhanced raps, anonymous-sounding singers, synthesizer arrangements that might have been constructed on an assembly line and lyrics like “Let’s jam/ Let’s jam/ We are the space invaders.” Both “Automatic Lover (Call for Love)” and “Run Away” (their second Top 5 hit) pack so many beats into 4 minutes that just listening to them is thoroughly exhausting. And group leader Olaf Jeglitza broods like a rapping cowpoke stuck in a tacky rhinestone-studded suit on “Sleeping with an Angel.” Where are those darn Hatfields when you need them?(Arista)