June 12, 1978 12:00 PM

by Richard Schickel

Schickel is a movie reviewer (TIME) and a TV producer (PBS’s The Men Who Made the Movies), but his first novel is too introspective and static to be aimed at the screen. His protagonist, a Manhattan filmmaker in his 40s, wounded by his recent divorce and hesitantly falling in love with a similarly hurt and similarly vulnerable woman, analyzes his every act, every thought, every sensibility as if he were—well, a critic himself newly divorced, which Schickel is. Nonetheless, he’s self-deprecatingly humorous and above all decent (so’s she), and he carries on his interior monologues with such engaging intelligence that the New York-London-West Country romance emerges as a notably unschlocky, adult love story. It could be rated R for a few mild sex scenes but more so for Readable. (Harper & Row, $8.95)

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