March 25, 1985 12:00 PM

CBS (Tuesday, March 26, 8 p.m. ET)

And here’s Jacqueline Bisset again in another tepid tale of love. Leo Tolstoy wrote it torrid and Bisset tries valiantly to play it that way. But Christopher (Superman) Reeve throws a cold, wet towel on the whole act. He is to passion what kryptonite is to Superman. Bisset plays the beautiful (of course) Anna Karenina, who’s trapped in a proper marriage but who indulges in forbidden love with Reeve as the Russian Count Aleksey Vronsky. Since Reeve plays a titled man, he’s called “excellency”; the irony is just too rich. When Reeve is told that Anna is pregnant with his child, his reaction looks like a case of acid indigestion. He shows more emotion for his dead horse than for her—and that’s not much. Christopher Reeve shouldn’t bear full blame for twirling Tolstoy in his grave; the direction is equally mediocre. Whenever a profound line is uttered between the lovers, the camera flips back and forth like a slo-mo replay of a tennis match. There, as here, love means nothing.

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